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Expressive Portraits in Oil


Successful portraits require collaboration between client and artist.
Artist's multi step process includes:


  • An initial consultation to discuss the size, spirit and details of the portrait.
  • Artist will photograph the subject to explore pose, styling, background and expression. This session usally is scheduled at the client's home or the location of the background setting. After reviewing the results together, the final composition of the painting is decided. For posthumous portraits, the artist will work with you to select appropriate photo reference from personal or public archives.
  • Prepare a small digital study for your review, reflecting the size, style and composition of the final portrait. At this stage, the exact size of the painting is known and the artist can recommend an appropriate archival-quality frame if desired.
  • Creation of your painting in the studio using the finest materials, resulting in a portrait that will last for many generations.
  • A final review of the portrait in the client's home where any minor adjustments if necessary are agreed upon.

All portraits are priced after the initial requirements for the project are discussed. Fees begin at $1380.00 for a single-subject head and shoulders portrait of average complexity painted approximately 3/4 life size on a 11" x 14" inch canvas. Fees increase proportionately for half figure, three quarter figure and full figure poses and may vary according to the complexity of the background or multiple subjects.

Fees do not include framing, applicable sales taxes, or travel and shipping expenses. Preliminary costs such as photography or travel are billed when incurred, and a non-refundable deposit of 30% is due when planning and photography begins. when the pose or composition is approved, and painting begins, an additional non-refundable deposit of 20% is due. The remaining 50% is due upon final approval and acceptance of the portrait. Please contact the artist for further information.

To inquire about having a portrait painted, Gregg Hangebrauck can be reached at:


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